The Aggression Scale Movie


22 Mar 2012:

“Most Valuable Talent...Ryan Hartwig as deadly middle schooler Owen. The character's usage is integral to the story and the film without a doubt, but Hartwig's performance makes the movie possible. His work is the lynchpin to making everything work. If he doesn't work, the movie doesn't work. We all know the issues with kid actors, and the abundance of poor acting jobs displayed by overwhelmed children. Hartwig meets the challenge, delivering a believably lethal edge through a quiet, intense performance.”

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"I had a fantastic time working with Ryan.  His intensity and ability to lose himself in a character is astounding for such a young performer. He is the next teen action star." 

        -Steven C. Miller, Director


12 Mar 2012

“Hartwig's turn as Owen is nothing short of fantastic, given that he doesn't have a single line in the film; the boy speaks with dark, serious eyes and a disarming half-smile, his body language carefully controlled at all times”  

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12 Mar 2012 ~ THE AGGRESSION SCALE's biggest strength is in its performances... and Hartwig's silent performance is seriously haunting.   

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